Revue internationale de communication sociale


The International Journal of Social Communication, issued by the laboratory of media and communication studies , is concerned with theoretical and empirical research, and seeks to provide new approaches to the phenomena of communication and media from innovative perspective , based on deep and consolidate critical thinking which aims to question the current concepts and empirical trends, and which try through analytical methods and scientific inquiry to interpret and understand the relationship between the indicators of the phenomena of new media and communication and to dissect their manifestations, both in the Arab and Islamic world and in the global context. The journal gives special attention to research that focuses on social, civilizational and value-based variables, and which intends to approach the psychological and social behavior of social agents and their complex relationship to society in general.

  • EISSN: 2710-8139
  • Périodicité: Trimestrielle
  • Taux d’acceptation: 86%
  • Temps moyen de réponse: 100 Jours 
  • Temps moyen de publication après acceptation: 87 Jours 
  • Année de création: 2014
  • Facteur d’impact ASJP: 0.1414
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