Opening of the fortieth 40th session of the national university commission

The Human Resources Department informs the class A lecturers of the opening of the fortieth (40th) session of the national university commission.

Pursuant to Article 50 of Executive Decree No. 08-130 of May 3, 2008, concerning the special status of the research professor, class A lecturers who have five (5) years of effective practice in this capacity may application form and are invited to download on the website, the template for presenting the dossier.

Application forms must be completed by the applicant (s) and endorsed by the head of the teaching and research unit of assignment of the candidate.

It is strongly recommended to respect the canvas of presentation of the application file

The file will have to be deposited:

Compact Disc (CD) format and paper size

with the permanent secretariat of the National Committee for academic institutions or, in case of urgent necessity, by (a) candidate (e) no later than Sunday, June 20, 2018.

For more information download the document opening of the fortieth (40th) session of the National University Commission

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