Call for papers “Dirâsât Insâniya’’

As per the recommendations of Abd Al Hamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem Scientific Governing Council (CSU) and the setting up of a Publishing Head Board by decision of the rector dated on May 8th, 2014, a call for high quality articles/ papers is launched. The opportunity is given to all national and international researchers to contribute in the first special issue of “Dirâsât Insâniya’’(humanities), a biannual, trilingual triple blind internationally peer-reviewed journal. ‘Dirâsât Insâniya’ (humanities) is multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary/ transdisciplinary in scope which field of inquiry is social sciences and humanities. Its main objective is to promote scientific production in all paradigms: discourse practices and the representation of MAN. We welcome contributions on the following disciplines: anthropology, philosophy, science of language, psychology, sociology, history, Islamic studies, etc. All articles must meet academic standards and universal scientific ethics. These contributions may be issues on special themes, original articles, conference proceedings, book reviews, and so on …

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