Board of Directors


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The Board of Directors of the University of Mostaganem is chaired by Professor NEMAMCHA MOHAMED Rector of the University of Guelma

Missions of the Board (Executive Decree n ° 03-279 of August 23rd (2003)

The Board of Directors deliberates on:

  • The short, medium and long-term development plans of the University,
  • Proposals for programming training and research actions,
  • Proposals for national and international exchange and scientific cooperation programs,
  • The annual review of the University’s training and research,
  • The budget projects and the accounts of the university,
  • The University’s Human Resources Management Plan projects,
  • Acceptances of donations, legacies, foundations, donations and various grants,
  • Acquisitions, sales or rentals of buildings,
  • Borrowings to contract,
  • Plans to create subsidiaries and equity investments
  • The forecast of university resources and how they are used in the development of research training activities
  • Use in the university’s development plan of income from equity investments and the creation of subsidiaries,
  • Partnership agreements with the various socio-economic sectors,
  • The rules of the university
  • The annual report of activities of the university presented by the sector.
  • The board of directors studies and proposes any measure likely to improve the functioning of the university and to favour the achievement of its objectives.



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