International Conventions

Indeed, several cooperation agreements bind the University of Mostaganem to foreign academic institutions. The latter also participates in interuniversity exchange programs, such as:

Establishment Country Signature Date duration
SANTA MARIA University Brazil 05/04/2017 05 years
University of Rouen la France 05/23/2017 03 years
Khuzdar University Pakistan 03/12/2015 Unlimited
University of Porto Portugal 06/18/2015 05 years
University of Moncton Canada 06/16/2015 05 years
CEDIMES Institute France 06/14/2015 04 years
Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Germany 05/05/2015 05 years
University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan 02/24/2015 03 years
The Institute of Oceanography Spain 02/20/2015 04 years
University of Haute – Alsace France 01/28/2015 05 years
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