Development Projects

The technical platform of the University Abdelhamid Ibn Badis will, initially, develop a know-how in physico-chemical analysis and characterization. To guarantee its multidisciplinary, it will be equipped with various equipment and equipment of the latest generation. As a priority, it will make available to the University’s research laboratories, its skills and its technical resources. It can also perform work for other laboratories and public and private companies. Trainees from various backgrounds will be able to complete some or all of their research.

The technical platform is structured in centres whose activities revolve around the following axes:

  1. Centre of Electron Microscopy:

The Centre of Electron Microscopy will be equipped with a SEM ESEM capable of observing in the nanometre range the samples in their natural state and in various environments (temperature, gas, humidity, pressure), This allows the study of compounds non-conductive, moist, soiled … Biological material, hydrated products, oily or insulating and even alive can easily be analysed. The microscope will be equipped with a system of micro-analysis by dispersion of energy.

  1. Chromatography centre

The Centre will be equipped with a high-performance liquid chromatograph and an ion chromatograph with a conductimetric detection analyser, anions with conductimetric detection and metals by UV-Vis detection.

The technique allows the separation and analysis of the constituents of a mixture by circulating it through an inert fixed medium (silica, alumina …) using a mobile solvent (gas, liquid) which drives it. The number of applications is unlimited (environmental, biomedical, pharmaceutical …).

3.Center of Characterization of the Matter:

This centre will have:

  • Of an automatic X-ray diffractometer for single crystals for the determination of crystalline structures and electronic charge densities,
  • An automatic X-ray diffractometer for powder,
  • An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for elemental, qualitative, quantitative and semi-quantitative analysis of materials,
  • A simultaneous ATG & ATD / DSC high performance modular thermal analyser
  • From a laser granulometry,
  • From a porosimeter by mercury intrusion,
  • From an analyser (BET).

This equipment will allow a thorough characterization of solid bodies. They are very useful for identifying their crystalline structure, their mineralogical and chemical compositions, their behaviour when subjected to the effect of heat, their grain size, their porosity as well as their specific surfaces.

Aquaculture Station

The wilaya of Mostaganem is a coastal town known for the practice of fishing. This station is a promising project for fisheries resources in the western region of the country. It will focus mainly on the production of fish (fish farming) and algae (seaweed farming).


Hydric Resources Research Centre

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