National Interuniversity Conventions

A national policy based on long-term partnerships with higher education and research institutions, economic actors, local authorities and cultural institutions.

  • 18 Interuniversity conventions with universities and university centres in western Algeria mainly:
  • For setting up and relocating license training.
  • For setting up and relocating master training courses.
  • For the establishment of doctoral schools.
  • 05 agreements with specialized training institutes and research centres.
  • National School of Science and Technology ENS / STS.
  • the Cherchell Military Academy.
  • the Higher School of Military Administration and the Centre for Scientific and Technical Research in Physico-Chemical Analysis (CRAPC).
  • The Thematic Research Agency in Health Sciences
  • 01 convention with the cultural institute (Cervantes Institute).
  • 01 ETS Global Convention (Training Institute in English).
Establishment Region Signature Date duration
Badji-mokhtar University Annaba 06/26/2016 indeterminate
EPAU Alger 12/12/2015 04 years
University of Bechar Bechar 13/10/2015 1years Indefinite
KasdiMerbah University Ouargla 01/27/2015 05 years old Indeterminate
University of Tiaret Tiaret 11/11/2014 05 years
University Centre Elbayad Elbayad 09/17/2014 03 years old Indeterminate
University May 08, 1945 Guelma Guelma 16/12/2013 indeterminate
University of Constantine 3 Constantine Sept. 2015 indeterminate
Military Academy Cherchell 31/10/2011 05 years old Indeterminate
ANPT Agency 26/06/2011 05 years old Indeterminate
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