Research Laboratories

Faculty of Exact Sciences and Computer Science

Laboratory of Pure and Applied Mathematics

Director of the laboratory: BELAIDI Benharrat


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Laboratory Electromagnetism and Guided Optics

Director of the laboratory: BENACHENHOU Abdelhalim


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Laboratory Structure, Development and Application of Molecular Materials

Director of the laboratory: BELOUATEK Aissa


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Faculty of Science of Nature and Life

Laboratory Science and Techniques of Animal Production

Laboratory Microbiology and Plant Biology

Laboratory Food Technology and Nutrition

Plant Protection Laboratory

Applied Animal Physiology Laboratory

Laboratory Biodiversity and Conservation of Water and Soils

Laboratory Beneficial Microorganisms, Functional Foods and Health

Laboratory Pharmacognosy and Api-Phytotherapy

Laboratory Protection, Valorisation of Coastal Marine Resources and Molecular Systematics

Faculty of Science and Technology

Laboratory Science and Technology Environment and Valuation

Director of the laboratory: ABDELMALEK Fatiha


Laboratory for the Valorisation of Materials

Director of the laboratory: Bentouami Abdelhadi


Signals and Systems Laboratory

Director of the laboratory: MIMI Malika


Laboratory Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Mechanical Phenomena

Laboratory Construction, Transport and Protection of the Environment

Director of the laboratory: MISSOUM Hanifi


Laboratory Materials and Processes of Construction

Director of the laboratory:KADRI Tahar


Laboratory Elaboration and Physico-Mechanical and Metallurgical Characterization of Materials

Director of the laboratory: Boukortt Abdelkader

Laboratory Technology and Solid Properties

Director of the laboratory: CHOUAIH Abdelkader


Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Laboratory International Law of Sustainable Development

Director of the laboratory:BEKENNICHE Otmane


Land and Environment Law Laboratory

Director of the laboratory: HITALA MAAMAR


Laboratory Constitutional Law and Good Governance

Director of the laboratory: Abassa Derbal Soria


Laboratory Labour Law and Employment

Director of the laboratory: Benazzouz Bensabeur


Laboratory Human Rights and Public Freedoms

Director of the laboratory: Abassa Tahar


Faculty of Economics, Business and Management Sciences

Industrial Policy and Foreign Exchange Development Laboratory

Director of the laboratory :YOUCEFI Rachid


Dynamic Macro-Economic and Structural Change Laboratory

Director of the laboratory : LAID Mohamed

Faculty of Social Sciences

Laboratory Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis for Psychological Behaviour

Director of the laboratory : Guemari Mohamed


Laboratory Philosophy and Human Sciences: Cognitive and Methodological Approaches

Director of the laboratory LAKHDAR Hammou


Dialogue Laboratory of Civilizations and Cultural Diversity and Philosophy of Peace

Director of the laboratory :BRAHIM  Ahmed


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Neo-Khaldunism Laboratory, Social Institutions and Power

Director of the laboratory :Hamdaoui Mohamed

Laboratory Studies in Communication, Information and Speech Analysis

Director of the laboratory : HADJ SMAHA Djilali

Faculty of Arts and Arts

Laboratory Linguistics and Literary Studies in Algeria, from the Turkish Period to the end of the 20th century

Director of the laboratory :BENICHOU  Djilali

Visual Aesthetic Laboratory in Algerian Artistic Practices

Director of the laboratory :Kahli  Ammara

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Didactic Laboratory of Curricula Training and Design Projects

Laboratory Linguistic Environment and Uses of the French Language in Algeria: a Quantitative Observation

Sacred Lab, Expressions and Representations

Director of the laboratory :Bechlagham Samira

Laboratories Dimension Socio Pragmatics and Pragma Linguistics in Foreign Language School Manuals in Algeria

Director of the laboratory :Neddar Abbes

Laboratory Study of Gender, Languages and Sociolinguistic Diversity

Director of the laboratory :Bakhta Abdelhay

Institute of Physical Education and Sports

Laboratory Optimization of Physical and Sports Activities Programs

Director of the laboratory :BENDAHMANE Nasreddine


Laboratory Applied Sciences to the Human Movement

Director of the laboratory : Pr. SEBBANE Mohammed


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