Conventions with the Socio-Economic Community

Despite numerous attempts for a fruitful and sustainable partnership with the socio-economic sector, the number of signed agreements is very insufficient in relation to the demands of the labour market. Efforts are still being made.

Only 8 agreements are valid, including the one signed with the wilaya (end of 2012) and which remains the most important because it includes all the directorates of the executive of the wilaya of Mostaganem.

07 agreements are in the process of being signed or renewed.

Establishment Region Signature Date duration
EURL MIK Mostaganem 05/16/2017 03 years
Algerian Learning Centers (ALC) Alger 01/31/2017 01 years
ANSEJ Mostaganem 04/16/2017 05 years
WESTERN COMPANY AGRO UNIV Bordj Bouareridj 04/01/2017 01 years
SAMSUNG Convention Mostaganem 28/11/2016 01 years
Sonatrach Business Improvement Center Oran 02/25/2016 01 years
SARL HAAL Oran 05/19/2016 05 years
The Industrial Group Sidi Bendehiba GISB Mostaganem 04/27/2016 03 years
Wilaya Mostaganem 04/27/2016 05 years
Wilaya public company for the management of technical landfill sites Mostaganem 23/12/2014 05 years
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