The originality of the work enabling the defence of university authorization assumes that:

 The candidate must present an original work and be the first author in the publication presented.

 For university accreditation, the publication is done outside the doctoral thesis and submitted

after the defence of the doctoral thesis.


University accreditation allows the holder to direct or supervise a PhD dissertation, a Magister

dissertation, one or more research projects or a research team: it allows the holder to access the

title of Lecturer A and entrust him with the masterful rank.

University habilitation is for teachers – assistants in the position of activity, holding a diploma

admitted in  equivalence. It is also intended for holders of other degrees of post-graduation

doctoral under conditions that will  be set by order of the Minister of Higher Education.

University habilitation is acquired by right for teachers – researchers in the position of activity

holding a national doctorate degree or any diploma admitted in equivalence.


Administrative file

  1. A manuscript request,
  2.  A copy of the decision of tenure in the grade
  3.  Installation PV,
  4. A certificate of recent function
  5.  A declaration on the honour of registration in habilitation in any other institution
  6. A resume,
  7. Birth act,
  8.  A copy of the legalized diplomas (Bac, license, engineering, magister, doctorate.),
  9. Certificate of non-accreditation in the sector
  10. A summary of 5 to 10 pages at most scientific and educational work
  11. Summary of the PhD Thesis
  12. An article / or Publication Scientific published in a recognized scientific journal,
  13. Educational production
  14. A Handout (Referred by CSF / CSD)
  15. Scientific Communications in Conferences and Colloquia + Certificates of Participation
  16. The scientific books
  17. A copy of the doctoral thesis
  18.  Eight copies of University Empowerment file.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_message]Journals accredited for the defence of university accreditation must fulfil certain conditions:

The journal must have an ISSN number

The journal must have an international scientific committee

The scientific works proposed for publication must be appraised by a reading committee of the specialty

The magazine must not be paid

The journal must be accessible on the internet (URL)

The journal must be functional and at least at its 3rd publication

Because of the peculiarities specific to each discipline, the faculty scientific councils can propose other criteria judged useful on the condition of respecting the conditions enumerated.

The article proposed for publication must be appraised according to the procedures accepted by the journals, however it is imperative to keep the traceability of the expertise.

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