As part of the training-employment matching policy and openness to the socio-economic environment, Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University, Mostaganem, set up the Entrepreneurship House. This action will, on the one hand, equip our students with innovative projects with an entrepreneurial spirit, train them in business management, support them in the first stages of creation, and on the other hand promote them in action. concrete results of scientific research capitalized by the University. The House of Entrepreneurship, already more than 4 years of existence.


The director of the house of entrepreneurship informs the university on the missions and programs of action that he has agreed upon, an agreement between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Education. employment and social security, has been signed to put the efforts of the two guardianships and by reframing the objectives and missions of the House of Entrepreneurship and generalize it.

  • The main mission of the House of Entrepreneurship is to raise students’ awareness of culture and the entrepreneurial spirit, for a better professional integration and business creation.
  • Make known the various devices to facilitate and help the creation of the company, and to better benefit from the advantages offered by the national policy on employment and business creation (ansej, angem, Fgar, sofinance, benefits fiscal, etc.).
  • Provide support for “outgoing” student projects (future project leaders), future graduates, to implement their business ideas, and concretize their graduation projects, and this by facilitating legal procedures, but also the market study, the business plan, and get closer more easily structures and devices supporting the creation of the company.
  • Train the greatest number of students in entrepreneurship, and even after the constitution of their companies, it is not excluded to offer them training in management, HRM, accounting, and all areas of interest.
  • Highlight the interest of national politics in creating innovative, competitive and creative businesses.
  • Be attentive to business needs, for a better partnership, and local, regional and national development.

Concrete actions

The constant activities are those organized by the House of Entrepreneurship annually and ensures the participation of the devices in employment and financing and support for the creation of the company.

It is about the training to the students (especially the outgoing students: license, master).

The annual conference of the House of Entrepreneurship (at the end of June) to expose the new provisions relating to the facilitation of the creation of the company, and an opportunity to meet the Start-up to know the difficulties and problems met. On the side-lines of these events, training workshops run by “coaches”, they are university teachers specialized in the fields related to the company, as well as animators of devices such as Ansej (authorized by the International Office of Job).

Periodic training sessions at the headquarters of the House of Entrepreneurship. They are for all registered students, and registration is electronic and even traditional.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), organized annually in November, conferences and workshops and competitions are on the agenda, led by academic and socio-economic specialists such as chefs or HR managers of companies, as well as the active participation of the animators of Ansej.

Activities Scheduled Occasionally

The House of Entrepreneurship ensures that students benefit from entrepreneurial experiences, by visiting job fairs (often regional events – in Oran congress centre).

Participation with other House of Entrepreneurship at the national level (at the Relizane University Centre).

Participation with other devices in addition to the Ansej, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Dahra).

The University of Mostaganem ensures the activation of the students’ scientific and cultural clubs, and the House of Entrepreneurship has hosted and accompanied the preparation of several competitions of the best projects and entrepreneurial ideas for students (at the University of Oran 1, University of Mostaganem, …).

Perspectives of the Actions of the House of Entrepreneurship

In order to better benefit students from the services of the House of Entrepreneurship, there will be a constant programming of training courses in business creation and management, and facilitate access to these training courses, by generalizing the program information as well as electronic registration.

  • The organization of an annual contest where prizes will be awarded to the best idea and entrepreneurial project.
  • Establish a list of companies created by graduates and offer support.

It is important to underline that the realization of such a program requires the efforts of all the staff of the House of Entrepreneurship, including the representatives of the devices to the employment, but also a material support, that the direction of the university puts at the disposal of the House of Entrepreneurship.