Body of the UMAB

The UMAB is composed of:

General Secretariat and 04 sub directions

  • Under staff direction.
  • Under budget management.
  • Under direction of the general means.
  • Under direction of cultural and sports activities.

Four (04) vice-rectorates

  • Vice rectorate of higher education at the undergraduate and graduate level, continuing education and diplomas, and graduate training;
  • Vice rectorate of postgraduate higher education, university habilitation and scientific research, and postgraduate higher education;
  • Vice Rectorate of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication, and Scientific Events;
  • Vice rectorate of development, foresight and orientation.

Two central libraries of 1,000 seats and several decentralized libraries affiliated with faculties and the Institute of Physical and Sports Education;

-New (09) faculties and one (01) Institute

  • Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • The Faculty of Arabic Literature and Arts;
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages;
  • Faculty of Economics, Business and Management Sciences;
  • Faculty of Law and Political Science;
  • The Faculty of Medicine;
  • The Faculty of Exact Sciences and Informatics;
  • Faculty of Science of Nature and Life;
  • Faculty of Science and Technology;
  • The Institute of Physical Education and Sports.
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