The general secretariat of the university is placed under the responsibility of a General Secretary who is in charge of the operation and the administrative and financial management of the structures placed under his authority and the common administrative and technical services.

The structure of the General Secretariat of the University is a body that ensures the proper functioning of the services of the general administration of the University. The General Secretariat of the University comprises four (04) sub-directorates, two (02) service offices and three (03) common services.


  • Sub-direction of Personnel and Training.
  • Sub-direction of Finance and Accounting.
  • Sub-direction of Means and Maintenance.
  • Sub-direction of Scientific, Cultural and Sports Activities.

Service Offices

  • General office.
  • Internal Security Office

Common Services

  • Intensive Language Teaching Centre
  • Print centre and audio-visual
  • Centre for Information and Communication Networks and Systems, Distance Learning and Distance Education


In accordance with the provisions of Executive Decree No. 03-279 of 23 August 2003 laying down the missions and the special rules of organization and operation of the University confirmed by the inter-ministerial decree of 24 August 2004 fixing the administrative organization of the Rectorate of Faculty, Institute and University Annex and its common services.

The missions of the secretary general of the university are extended to all strategic activities of management of the general administration, namely the preparation of management plans, the establishment of various decisions, programs of internal security, planning and forecasting projects of university budgets, as well as the leadership role and coordination of all the directorates under its authority and the steering of innovative actions of improvements and modernization of management.

  • Prepare the university’s budget proposal and monitor its implementation.
  • Monitor the funding of activities of laboratories and research units.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the common services of the university.
  • Implement the university’s cultural and sports programs and promote them.
  • Ensure the management and preservation of the rector’s archives and documentation.

The Secretary General is in charge of the realization of three essential projects to ensure the management of the personnel and the functioning and the patrimony of the University:

  • Annual Human Resources Management Plan
  • Draft budget
  • Operation of the General Inventory of the University