Obtaining a scholarship is subject to the following conditions: To be a bachelor and regularly enrolled in a stream or common core of higher education. It is awarded for the entire period of study from the first year of enrolment. In the event of failure (repetition of one year) this one is renewed only once. His payment is suspended in case of a second failure; it can only be restored in the event of a transition to a higher year during the course.

Stock exchange file:

  • Formal of information issued by the administration
  • Copy of the Bac
  • Copy of the certificate of schooling for the current academic year
  • Certificate of nationality of student or parents born abroad
  • Two passport photos
  • Blocked check of the current account of the student
  • Statement of the emoluments of the father


  • Employed parents:
  • Statement of annual salary
  • Excerpt from roles
  • Retirees:
  • Statement of pension
  • Excerpt from roles
  • Merchants and craftsmen:
  • Bulletin of income of traders, issued by the tax services
  • Excerpt from roles debt-free • Non-salaried and unemployed: • Certificate of non-activity issued by PCA • Excerpt from roles • Deceased or divorced persons: • Extract from death certificates (for deceased parents) • Certificate of divorce (divorced parents)
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