The University of Indonesia Offers UI GREAT and UI SHINE Programmes for Foreign Students

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the recipient of two scholarship programmes, ‘UI Great’ and ‘UI Shine’, from the Indonesian Public University ‘Indonesia University’ in the course of the 2024 academic year, for the benefit of foreign students.

The “UI Great” programme offers a master’s degree in the faculties and schools of the University of Indonesia specialising in medicine, dentistry, mathematics, natural sciences, law, economics and business, political and social sciences, public health, computer science, pharmacy, administrative sciences, engineering, humanities, nursing, psychology, environmental sciences, strategic and global studies.

The “UI Shine” programme is a one-semester exchange programme with foreign partner universities that have signed an exchange agreement with the Indonesian university.

It should be noted that the online registration of candidates must be done before  March 3, 2024, via the following electronic link:


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