The Laboratory for Analysing Biological Hazard Level (P2) at University of Mostaganem is at service


After a week of conducting analyses in it, the laboratory for detecting the emerging Coronavirus (Covid-19) has succeeded in carrying out 96 daily checks with very advanced technologies for analysing polymerase chain (PCR), or “ viral ” that are related to the immediate detection of Covid-19 in persons suspected of being infected with this virus. The latter was reported by Mr. Belhakem Mostafa, the rector of Universityof Mostaganem , where he indicated that the practical laboratory is supervised by specialists in molecular biology and microbiology and by medical and paramedical staff.
This laboratory was approved by the Pasteur Institute committee from Algiers who examined the laboratory facilities and equipment and conducted the necessary experiments that were carried out according to the required standards.
The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Benkada Benamar Mohamed, stated that this laboratory, which is of the P2 type, will contribute to covering the necessary need in this exceptional health condition for analyzes to detect the Coronavirus.
Therefore, it should be noted here that, in order to ensure the safe and rapid transmission of the results, a digital platform has been set up at the level of this laboratory, directly linking it with the State Directorate of Health and Population and the Ministry.


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