National colloquium: Startup between reality and expectations

The problematic of the study:

Startup plays a prominent role in achieving development in both economic and social aspects, as well as the new developmental alternative that many modern countries have adopted. Algeria, like the other countries of the world has realized the importance of Startup in order to push the wheel of development and support them in a tangible way in light of the current changes the need to strengthen its development role on several national and international occasions

From this standpoint, Algeria has attached great importance to these institutions through the creation of the Ministry of Small Enterprises, Emerging Enterprises and the Knowledge Economy, especially after the great development that it witnessed at the international level and the national economic activity

In this context, we must point out that Startup knew some different challenges posed by globalization, openness to internal and external competition, rapid changes in the market, and the neglect of its sector in some countries is the reason for the slow dynamism of the economic activity between modern countries and the developing countries and that’s due to the fundamental position of Startup in any economic activity and its effective contribution to it

From here, the problem is determined by stating how effective is the Startup in achieving sustainable development in Algeria ?

Axis of the study day

The first axis:the legal framework of the Startup

The second axis: mechanisms to support the Startup

The third axis:the role of Startup in achieving sustainable development 

Deadline to receive interventions:31Merch 2021

Deadline announce of acceptable interventions:1 April2021.

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