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Congratulations on the occasion of Labour Day, 01st  May

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the University Family

University of Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem

On the occasion of the commemoration of the International Labour Day of the first of Mai, I have the honour to extend to you all: teachers, administrative staff, and technicians, in the warmest congratulations and best wishes, and to wish you success in your work, thank you for all the efforts that have been made to advance our university,

Recently, you have adopted the spirit of your solidarity, and you are greatly provided with the challenges you raised and the sacrifices you have made to deal with the epidemic of Corona (Kovid-19), and you have been a best example there is, so long as you are the proud of our nation, and long live Algeria.

Happy Labour Day

The Rector,

Belhakem Mostafa

تَـهْـنِـئَـة بمناسبة عيد العمال المصادف لـ 01 ماي
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