Call for papers : Art is a Message for Dialogue and Tolerance

Call for papers :Art is a Message for  Dialogue and Tolerance

On November 09th and 10th , 2020

Hall (A) Mohamed Ben Chehida , University of Abdelhamid Ibn Badis, Mostaganem,( Kharouba’s Site) , Algeria.

The Symposium Problematic

Art is an inevitable necessity of the human race and one of the pillars of civilization through which man’s creations are embodied, because if we exclude our beautiful buildings, pictures, decorations, music, poetry and plays…, what taste does this life have?

We can say that art plays its main role in giving a touch of beauty, taste and elegance to all that we need in our daily life. The specialization has become a basic attribute to face the diversity and wideness of different demands of life, and intersects with various other disciplines.

Art also performs another function, which is to address intelligence and conscience through man’s production. The world of art is a special system of value to man, which corresponds to the value of the world of philosophy, science and others.. It is a path of knowledge equal to the other ways in which a human reaches to understand what is surrounding him but rather to distinguish between them.

Here we emphasize on the link that exist between art and society, the latter, which represents the grid of relationships between people who are bound by human ties such as dialogue and virtuous qualities such as tolerance. The dialogue which is the cornerstone in communication and it is a common message to receive different cultural and civilization component.

All this leads us to draw a fundamental relationship between art, dialogue and tolerance. Consequently, the problematic of our subject is as follow:

Can art be a tool for dialogue and tolerance?

The Objectives of the Conference

1- Defining art as one of the civilizational pillars of society

2- Recognizing the role that art plays in the renaissance of civilization

3- To reveal the relationship between art, dialogue and tolerance.

4- To identify the elements that should be available in art to have a place in society.

5- To highlight the role of the artist in the face of the challenges experienced by the nation.

6- Extend bridges between arts and other disciplines.

7- Supporting artistic activities in the light of the lack of care for art and artists.

8- Analyze the current technical situation and identify ways to progress and creativity.

Participation requirements and deadlines

The proposed papers shall be presented in the form of Word according to the attached formal regulations and sent in the form of an attached file within the deadlines to the electronic address of the forum:

The university provides accommodation, however, it does not guarantee travel tickets.

Registration rights:

  • Professors from University of Mostaganem: 2000 DA
  • Professors from national universities other than Mostaganem University: 5000 DA
  • Professionals from other sectors: 10,000 DA
  • Student Researchers: Free of charge
  • Foreign professors: 200 euros


  • November 08th, 2019: forum’s announcement.

  • January 08th, 2019: Proposals submission deadline: (title + brief summary).

  • February 15th, 2019: Notification of acceptance.

  • June 31st, 2020: Deadline for receipt of final papers according to the desired shape.

  • August 15th – 20th , 2020: Notification of the speakers about the scientific committee decision.

  • November 9-10th, 2020 : Conference days .

The intervention should be sent in a file to the following electronic address:

Form to participate

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