Call for aplication to the EMJMD – PSRS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Photonics for Security Reliability and Safety (PSRS)

Eligible candidates can apply for an Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarship and an Eiffel Excellence scholarship, to prepare a PSRS joint European Master’s degree in France (UJM Saint-Etienne and UPEC Paris), in Finland (UEF) and in Italy (Politecnico di Torino), and it’s a recognized master’s degree in the fields of Optical and Material physics, Lasers science and Photonics, Micro-Nano structuring and Machine Learning, offering three specialties:

  • Photonics and machine learning,
  • Biometrics and intelligent vision,
  • Micro-nanotechnologies.

Qualifying candidates can apply for Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarships and Eiffel Excellence scholarships, both of which cover cost of living and travel costs during the two-year programme.

For more information see our PSRS website, and in particular the How to apply page  of our website which provides the essential information the application process.

In addition, the PSRS Team is organizing a series of online one-hour OPEN DAYS meetings, during which we provide additional information on the PSRS Master, how to optimize your application, and how to obtain an Eramus Mundus scholarship. The first three dates are listed below with the links to join the meetings.

  • December 1st Open Day at 6:00 pm UTC+1, Paris
  • December 7th Open Day at 10:00 pm UTC+1, Rome
  • December 12th Open Day at 6:00 pm UTC+1, Amsterdam

You can also forward your questions to :

Best regards,

The PSRS International Master Team

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