UMAB Launches Its Thematic Channel: Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Channel


On the occasion of the 58th anniversary of independence and youth, UMAB launches its thematic chain of knowledge:

“Chaîne Abdelhamid Ibn Badis”.

The creation of a university knowledge channel constitutes an appropriate space for communication: an asset which is added to the WEB TV of UMAB launched in October 2019.

You can consult the channel on the link:

For this purpose, the rector of the university invites you to put your lessons / videos on this channel, and puts at your disposal 4 audio-visual laboratories equipped to facilitate the design and the putting of the courses on the channel.

1. Audio-visual laboratory on the ITA site.

2. Central library audio-visual laboratory.

3. Audio-visual laboratory at the start of the humanities, FSS.

4. Audio-visual laboratory of the institute of physical and sports education.

 We count on your collaboration, and for all information contact us at:


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