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The centrality of value in the media coverage of crises


The reflection on the presence of values in dealing with crises in the media raises a complex combination of theoretical and methodological questions that consist of multiple levels, social settings, and technological and communication contexts, since crises are considered as the most sensitive and delicate phenomena due to the magnitude of their consequences, the ambiguity of their causes, and the intertwining of their arrangements. In this framework, the media sector in particular reflects the focus of the interest shaped by the media imaginary when crises occur especially in light of the technological development taking place at the level of communication systems and its intersection with various social, economic and political fields. In this context, the problematic of values emerges to form at the same time an integrated cognitive and normative framework that frames the reality of the social fabric and adjusts its coordinates, and talking about values in the communicative field necessarily refers us to the theory of value determinism in the media, which has a rich and diverse epistemological apparatus aimed at re-reading reality within a perspective that is inspired by the ethical and social component.

The exceptional circumstances related to the nature of the crisis dictate that the media message to be synonymous with the value that carries within it constructive goals and objectives for the individual and society, since media, based on what should be, is a binary equation that combines the message and the value, the importance of the interconnection of these two variables becomes even more important in times of crises that afflict that societies, so that the individual becomes in the midst of a huge flow of information that ranges between credibility, discrepancy in the news and the expansion of rumors. Thus, the importance of value appears as a significant variable in the media treatment and press coverage during these critical and sensitive times. The media may alleviate the severity of the crisis if the media message is associated with value, and the positive effect on the recipient is achieved, which contributes strongly to successfully facing the crisis, and the opposite may happen so that the media exacerbates the crisis if it contradicts the value, and thus the negative impact on the recipient and what It results in manipulation and intimidation. In this context, this forum comes to investigate the concepts related to dealing with media crises through varied theoretical lenses, and to shed light on value determinism theory perspective on covering crises mediatically.


– Value, media, crises; addressing concepts and intersections.

– The value dimension in media covering of crises.

– An inquiry into value in new media praxis during crises.

– Methodology of media value research in crisis management.

-Corona pandemic, a value approach.

-Values ​​and Crisis Management.


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