The Atmosphere of the Process of Distributing School Kits and Bags for Teachers is Still Continuing


On Wednesday and Thursday 23-24 September 2020, the Social Services Committee – Teachers Branch – University of Mostaganem – Abdelhamid Ibn Badis distributed the school entry kits and bag to the teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages according to a tight and controlled calendar which was undergone in a smooth and precautionary manner in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and to implement measures social distancing. In this regard, the head of social services, Mr. Bourouba Mohamed Hadj, asks all teachers to contact the services office at the Faculty of Technological Sciences level to receive the bags according to the following calendar:

  • From 27th to 28th, September 2020 / FSS
  • From 29th to 1st October 2020 / FSNV
  • From 4th to 5th October 2020 / FSCGSE
  • From 6th to 8th October 2020 / FST
  • From 11th to 12th October 2020 / FSEI
  • From 13th to 15th October 2020 / F. Medicine and IEPS
  • From 18th to 20th October 2020 / FDSP
  • From 21st to 22nd October 2020 FLA



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