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BAC 2019

Dear bachelor … Congratulations!

And welcome to the university community!

Schedule of Pre-Registrations and Definitive Registrations

The schedule of pre-registration and final enrolment of new graduates for the 2019-2020 academic year is as follows:

Open doors at the level of higher education institutions July 15 to 23, 2019
PHASE 1: July 20 to August 03, 2019
Exploitation of the results of the baccalaureate and determination of the minimum national averages to participate in the classification in certain sectors July 20 to 22, 2019
Pre-registration July 22 to 24, 2019
Confirmation of pre-registration July 25 to 26, 2019
Treatment of wishes July 27 to August 03, 2019
Proclamation of assignment results 03 August 2019 in the evening
PHASE 2 04 to 17 August 2019
Confirmation or Reorientation or Tests and Interviews for the sectors concerned 04 to 08 August 2019
Opening of the “accommodation” portal August 08 to 17, 2019
2nd treatment of test / interview failures and reorientation requests August 14 to 17, 2019 in the morning
Proclamation of assignment results August 17, 2019
PHASE 3: Definitive Entries + Academic Works Files 02 to 08 Sept 2019
PHASE 4: Treatment of special cases by HEIs (PROGRES) Reopening of the accommodation portal + Bourse + Transport 02 to 12 sept 2019

Steps to Follow to Register

  • After announcing the results of the BAC

Go to your high school. You will be given your certificate of the baccalaureate through which you will get acquainted with your PERSONNEL NUMBER (registration number of the baccalaureate at the top of the page on the left and password at the bottom of the page on the right), which will serve you during your pre-registration ( issuing of vows).

  • Pre-registration from July 22 to 24, 2019

This phase consists in completing your greeting card: 4 choices in descending order of priority and to file it, online, from the following address:

However, we recommend you to join university institutions where spaces are provided for this purpose. You will find availability, advice, assistance and free access to the Internet.

As a reminder, the greeting card is transmitted, exclusively electronically, through the dedicated website. It is strongly recommended to graduates:

  • To accomplish themselves and in a rigorous way this operation;
  • To print their greeting card.

Online pre-registration is compulsory for all Bachelor’s graduates. Any bachelor who has not completed and completed his pre-registration online, within the time limits, will lose any opportunity to enrol in a field or a training stream of his choice.

  • Confirmation of pre-registration from 25 to 26 July 2019.

You must then confirm your pre-registration from July 25 to 26, 2019. You are also allowed to modify your previous card. In this case, it is the second greeting card that is taken into consideration for your orientation.

  • Results of the assignment

The results of the assignment will be posted on the   evening of 03 August 2019.

  • Confirmation or Reorientation or Tests and Interviews for the sectors concerned from 04 to 08 August 2019.

1-Confirmation:  You must confirm your assignment during this period. If your assignment is subject to a test or interview, or if you got your 4th choice then you may be concerned by point 2 below.

2-Reorientation:   if you are in one of the following cases

A- In case of absence or failure of the test or interview.

B- You did not have any of your four (04) choices (Zero choice). 

C- You got your fourth (4th) choice and you want to change it.

  • 2nd treatment of chess cases in tests / interviews and requests for reorientations from 14 to 17 August 2019 in the morning

Treatment of reorientation cases as defined in the previous step (2.A, 2.B and 2.C)

  • Accommodation in a university campus from 08 to 17 August 2019

After knowing your assignment and if you are concerned with accommodation in a university campus, you must submit your application online from 08 to 17 August 2019

  • Proclamation of Assignment Results August 17, 2019
  • Final registrations + university works files from 02 to 08 September 2019

After knowing your assignment, you must make your final registration from 02 to 08 September 2019 to the establishment where you are assigned. You will have to prepare the following file:

1- The original transcript of the bachelor’s degree

2- Two (02) passport photos

3- The receipt of payment of registration fees to the establishment, fixed at 200 DA

  • Treatment of special cases by HEIs (PROGRES) Reopening of the accommodation portal + Bourse + Transport from 02 to 12 sept 2019

Exceptional cases (applications for change of assignment, late arrivals, baccalaureate prior to 2019, …) will be dealt with at the level of the host institutions, according to a circular that sets the terms and schedule.

Location of Orientation And Registration


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