Online Catalog of Libraries

In context

PMB is a free software for managing libraries and documentation centres.

Its evolution is managed by PMB Services.

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PMB is an integrated library management system. It has a management module (loans, catalogues, editions …) and an OPAC type portal (Online Public Access Catalogue).

  • it allows BNF records to be imported in Z39.50 format; import / export also in unimarc and XML,
  • customizable cataloguing grids,
  • suggestions and acquisitions,
  • bottom statistics,
  • OPAC 2.0, etc.

It supports funds of 500,000 records.

PMB: Online Catalogue of Libraries

Online Catalogue of Libraries was set up by UMAB’s Centre for Information and Communication Networks for Tele- teaching and Distance Learning (CSRICTED) and has been operational since 2018.

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