Central Library

The UMAB has invested a lot to allow access to documentation through the realization of 02 large libraries of 1000 seats giving access to more than 43000 titles constituting a documentary background of more than 126200 copies. In addition, each faculty and institute have a specialized library that provides access to ever more up-to-date library resources, including over 2680 MSc and PhD thesis, as well as Masters theses. The total number of enrolments in library services amounting to 11830 users between teachers and students.

The central library of the university has for mission:

  • To propose in connection with the libraries of faculties and institutes programs of acquisition of works and university documentation;
  • Keep theses and post-graduation file;
  • To organize the central library’s holdings by using the most modern methods of processing and classification;
  • To assist the heads of faculty and institute libraries in the management of structures under their authority;
  • Maintain the central library’s holdings and update its inventory;
  • To set up appropriate conditions for the use of documentary funds by students and teachers;
  • To assist teachers and students in their bibliographic research.

It includes the following services:

  • The treatment department
  • The acquisition department
  • The guidance services
  • The bibliographic research services
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