Announcement Concerning the dates and deadlines for the submission of applications for the restructuring of the human structure of the research laboratories of the Thematic Agency for Research in Science and Technology -ATRST-

In order to ensure the smooth running of the study of applications for restructuring the human structure of research laboratories, the Thematic Agency for Research in Science and Technology -ATRST- informs all directors of research laboratories attached to the Agency that the submission of applications is as follows:
1- First case:

  • Adding or disband research teams
  • Change the name of the research teams
  • Change of research team leader
    The application is submitted for approval to the Agency’s Scientific Council which meets in two sessions per year.

2- The second case:
The study on the integration or resignation of new members of the laboratory is approved throughout the year.

In both cases, the application file is attached to :
-Detailed application containing the changes to the structure of the laboratory.

  • Updated minutes of the Laboratory Council meeting.
  • The minutes of the validation of the Scientific Council of the Faculty, which only concern the changes mentioned in the first case.

-List of the members of the laboratory authenticated by its director (hard copy + Excel electronic copy)

  • The resignation request signed by the resigning member (president or team member).
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