Algeria-Japan Scientific Cooperation (SATREPS Project)


The Embassy of Japan, in Algeria has launched a call for applications to submit joint scientific projects Algeria-Japan, under the program (SATREPS: Partnership in Scientific and Technological Research for Sustainable Development.

  • The environment and energy;
  • Biological resources;

  • Disaster prevention and mitigation

  • Controls of infectious diseases infectious diseases.

The Japanese side emphasized that:

1- The project (SATREPS) will not be accepted in the absence of a Japanese partner (research institute, etc. ‘) who considers / deals with research in the same theme and objective as the Algerian part;

2- The SATREPS project proposal must be presented as a joint proposal of both parties.

3- In the process of initial evaluation of the project, the proposal of the Japanese collaborator will also be evaluated.

4-In its formal request, the Algerian Government will provide information on the Japanese collaborator in the proposed research project. For more information on the SAPTREPS program, see the following link: ish / our_work / science / satreps

For more details, download the files:


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