PAU Xarxa-vives

Launched  in 2007, Algeria universities programme called PAU, which brings together 20 universities from the Xarxa Vives (XVU) network and 16 higher education institutions from the CRUO, aims to :

  • Creation of an inter-university network of the Xarxa Vives XVU network of universities and the regional conference of western universities CRUO;
  • Promotion of research, education, awareness and dissemination of knowledge applied to development.


The beneficiaries of the PAU program are the members of the university community of the two university networks:

aResearch professors: those who have started research and teaching actions will continue to work in the line of work and are incorporated during the second phase.

b. Students: it is intended to make it easier for XVU and CRUO students to do graduation projects for their bachelor’s or master’s degree on the other side of the Mediterranean. The objective is to create a space for participation, training, exchanges and awareness between students from both sides.

c. Administration and services staff: thanks to the Vives virtual classroom, administration and services staff will take a course in the use, management and maintenance of distance learning platforms and a  library management course.