KEY ACTION1: International Credit Mobility


An International Credit Mobility (ICM) project is a mobility project between Erasmus+ programme countries and Erasmus+ programme partner countries (see Program Guide 2018).

This programme offers the opportunity to benefit from mobility to or from partner countries to:

    • Students from the 2nd year of higher education for a period from 3 months to 12 months,
    • Higher education staff for a period of 5 to 2 months,

Erasmus+ Program Guide

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Programme member countries

The following countries can participate in all actions of the Erasmus + programme :

Member states of the European Union
Belgium Greece Lithuania Portugal
Bulgaria Spain Luxembourg Romania
Czech Republic France Hungary Slovenia
Danemark Croatia Malta Slovakia
Germany Italy Holland Finland
Estonia Cyprus Austria Sweden
Ireland Lativia Poland United kingdom


third countries participating in the programme
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Iceland Norway
Liechtenstein Turkey


Credit Mobility: How does it work?

    • It is managed by the national Erasmus+ agencies in the programme countries
    • Each higher education institution (HEI) shall establish an inter-institutional agreement(s).

The agreement specifies the framework for sending and hosting students and staff.

Study allowance amount

Allowance amount Towards the programme countries
850 EURO Group 1: Very high living standards : DK, IE, FR, IT, AT, FI, SE, UK, LI, NO
800 EURO Group 2: Average standard of living : BE, CZ, DE, EL, ES, HR, CY, LU, NL, PO, SI, IS, TR
750 EURO Group 3: Low standard of living : BG, EE, LV, LT, HU, MT,  PL, RO, SK, FYROM
Allowance amount Towards partner countries
650 euro Region 1, Region 2, Region 3 and Region 4


Travel costs as the crow flies

Travel distance in km Travel costs in Euro
00 – 499 180 €
500 – 1999 275 €
2000 – 2999 360 €
3000 – 3999 530 €
4000 – 7999 820 €
≥8000 1100 €


For the period (2015-2018), UMAB had implemented 15 MIC projects in partnership with :

    • University of Porto, Portugal
    • Consortium MARE NOSTRUM (Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, EVORA), Portugal
    • University of Minho, Portugal
    • University of BABES BOLYAI ROUMANI, Romania
    • Technical University of Iasi (Romania)
    • Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
    • University of Compostella, Spain
    • University of Cartagena, Spain
    • Technological University of Lublin POLAND
    • University of POZNANE, POLAND
    • University of Messina, Italy
    • University of Aristotle of Thessaloniki, Greece
    • Technical University of Riga, Latvia
    • UPMC Paris
    • U Dalarna Sweden