International Conference: Quality Assurance in Training / Research: Current challenges and perspectives

In tribute to Professor Hadj MILIANI



7th and 8th December 2021

The “Didactics of Training and Curricula Design Projects DPFcc” laboratory is organizing an international conference bringing together researchers, teachers, trainers, and any other actor from academia to discuss the issue of quality assurance.

This notion has evolved a lot in recent years, particularly in academia. Ensuring the proper functioning of the system, organizing its continuous improvement and developing a quality culture within the university community are major objectives for each institution wishing to progress in an international context.

The objective of this conference is to target the strategies, procedures, actions and attitudes necessary to guarantee maintenance and improvement of quality and to underline the need for universities to equip themselves with a quality assurance system that meets their requirements. specific needs.

The various contributions of this conference will thus tend to show that the responsibility for the quality of the services, in training and / or in research is distributed among the members of the university community. They will necessarily relate to different axes:

  • structures of training offers,
  • importance and place of research,
  • quality of programs,
  • modalities of evaluations in general (preparation, execution, operation)
  • quality of lessons and content taught,
  • quality of research projects,
  • quality of the resulting publications.

This conference, conceived as a place of debates and meetings, where all these sensibilities can find a place of expression and confrontation, will be the opportunity to question certain institutional practices which, a priori, nevertheless seemed obvious. This is the whole point of confronting different points of view in order to try to understand the issues while offering the various perspectives to come.

By confronting different points of view, participants will appreciate the importance of the issues at stake in this question of quality assurance and will be able to identify future prospects for themselves and their institution.

Programme du colloque international - Assurance qualité en Formation - Recherche Enjeux et