Call for papers at the didactic seminar


Within the framework of the support programme for the implementation of the Association Agreement between Algeria and the European Union (P3A), with the participation of the Education Council of Castilla Leon, in September 2019, a twinning project entitled: “Support to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the reinforcement of the pedagogical competences of the teachers-researchers and the governance capacities of the managers” has been launched.

Formation sessions for teaching, administrative and technical staff were provided by Spanish experts. Between October 2019 and August 2021, the participants of the three Regional Conferences of the sector followed 29 activities, of which 9 were face-to-face and 20 were remote, via a platform, as a result of the containment due to the pandemic.

It is, therefore, as an extension of the activities of the P3A, that the MESRS has initiated the organisation of this didactic seminar, with a view to an International Congress on Educational Engineering, scheduled for January 2022, under the title “Teaching for the future”



It would be incongruous to recall the interest of such a theme, in an era of profound upheavals which have affected all strata of our daily lives, at whatever level, and teaching/learning is not left out. Indeed, if the prodigious technological advances have modified our representations of all teaching/training devices, the global health context, induced by a pandemic that continues, leads us to consider and question the contribution of pedagogical engineering and the digital technologies that accompany it, with regard to the new teaching processes, particularly those inherent in distance learning (DL). The reflection undertaken during this seminar will enable us to understand the actions to be implemented and developed, with a view to better pedagogical governance and convincing results.


Objectives of the conference:

  1. To establish a state of play on pedagogical engineering, in the university world, in general, and in the Algerian university space, in particular,
  2. Promote the use of digital technologies, the basis of all quality training, in Algerian higher education institutions
  3. Strengthen and develop training systems inherent to the knowledge and know-how to be put in place, accompanied by pedagogical tools to facilitate their acquisition,
  4. Pooling knowledge and know-how, through the practice of spin-offs and the use of ADF.

Through this scientific event, which is essentially didactic, we wish to associate all human resources, able to participate by a consequent contribution to the theme, through the 4 proposed axes.

Selected axes:

  1. Didactic management : face-to-face and distance learning: How do they complement each other in the implementation of hybrid systems for a given formation offer?
  2. Pedagogical Governance : Use of all the parameters essential to the pedagogical action, in the sense of cohesion and coherence between the pedagogical contents, their objectives, their results and their evaluation.
  3. Evaluation and quality : Adequacy and interdependence between the teaching of pedagogical contents and the objectives of the training programme: What pedagogical approach and what evaluation, in relation to the quality reference framework?
  4. Environment and internationalisation : under the influence of an inescapable globalisation, could the opening to the international, accompanied by appropriate devices in terms of mobility, constitute a springboard for a diversified employability and an element of support, in favour of the quality of the teachings?

Terms of participation:

Proposals for papers must be accompanied by the following information:

  1. Selected axis
  2. title of the paper followed by the problematic, the methodology adopted and a brief bibliography;
  3. abstract of 300 to 400 words+3 to 5 key words;
  4. brief biographical note, including name and surname, institution, field of specialization;
  5. e-mail address.

Seminar languages: Arabic, French, English.



  • Deadline for sending a proposal : September 30, 2021
  • Notification de réponse : October 10, 2021
  • Deadline for submission of the final paper : Ocotber 31, 2021
  • Date of the seminar : November 13 and 14, 2021
  • Address for submission of proposals :


The seminar will take place in hybrid format :

  • Face-to-face: at the University of Continuing Education, Dély Brahim, Algiers
  • Online.

Contact :


  • For further information, please contact us at the following addresses :

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