To ensure the oral sessions run efficiently, please take the time to read the following information:

  • Authors get a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes to present their paper, which means that the PowerPoint presentation ought to be well structured.

  • A golden rule is to prepare only one slide per minute talk, which means a total of 15 (maximum 20 slides).

  • Slides should not be overloaded with text.

  • Take into consideration that the people sitting in the back of the room should be able to read what has been written on the slide.

  • Also take care that text in the tables and figures, shown in the slides, is sufficiently large.

  • Just present the most important aspects of the research and make sure that the story is coherent.

  • Please do not overload your slides with too many fancy decorations. Just keep it simple and take into consideration that the content of the story is far more important than the fancy outlook of the PowerPoint presentation

  • Five (5) minutes for questions and answers immediately thereafter.

  • Audiovisual equipment will be available for your talk, with a projection assisted by a PC format computer only.